Mock Monza Gas Cap 16 April 15

The Triumph Bonneville is an iconic looking motorcycle and also easy to restyle to any genre of bike you like. If you are going for the racer look the a Monza gas cap is a must. However, most will require some tricky fitting and will probably be expensive. Here is a option from British Customs and it a fake Monza cap or mock as they call it. The Monza cap top simply replaces the stock cap top and to get gas in the tank it twisted to get on and off just like the original. Even though it doesn't flip like a real Monza cap it looks the part.

The British Customs Mock Monza Gas Cap utilizes the factory vented gas cap thread to ensure proper, modern ventilation while delivering that old school vintage look to your Triumph Modern Classic. Our two-piece design allows for proper polishing too, no pitting or bad chrome will be seen on these triple-chrome plated gas caps. Once assembled, the BC Mock Monza gas cap can be placed in any position you desire.

A quick and easy upgrade that gives your Triumph a truly vintage look, the BC Mock Monza Gas Cap is also available in anodized black.


  • Triple Plated Chrome, Brushed POR, or Anodized Black
  • Two piece construction
  • Utilizes stock gas cap operation for proper ventilation
  • Vintage look

Price: $99.95

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