Oxford Screamer Disc Lock - Tested 25 April 15

I wanted to get a disc lock with an alarm as my luggage situation precluded the bulk of my chain and lock and the alarm might give me a little peace of mind. I am aware that a disc lock with alarm would only be a deterrent and if someone was after stealing my bike they would get it no matter what I bolted it to. My other sneaky plan is to park my bike near my buddy's more expensive bikes so mine is less tempting, sorry guys.

A disc lock from Oxford called the Screamer looked like it would fit the bill so I popped into my local bike store and bought one. Out of the box it looks like it is sturdy and well made and it's bulk gives it a sense of security. I also bought a bright yellow safety cord to let me know the lock is on the bike as I have heard horror stories of people forgetting they have fitted a disc lock and shot off to do untold damage to their bike.

The Screamer is simple to operate, just align its pin with a hole in your disc and push the button with the keyhole in it to push it's pin through the disc. When it is fully depressed it locks and the alarm gives a short chirp. This is the sign to press the button on the lock to arm the system at which time there is another short chirp to indicate it is set.

Then hopefully all you have to do is return to your bike, insert the key and remove the lock as your bike has been left alone. However, if you are unlucky enough to have some scumbag interfere with your bike and move the lock, it will beep four times as a warning and then if the tampering continues the alarm will sound. After 30 seconds the alarm silences and resets itself, and will sound again if tampered with. To stop the alarm and remove the lock from your bike just unlock it.

In my test at a hotel the lock was easy to fit and the yellow cord provided me with a reminder it was there. I had one of my buddies rock my bike around to trigger the alarm and after the four warning beeps the alarm did go off, although it took it little longer that I was expecting. My bike was about 6 parking spaces from my hotel room and I could hear the alarm but it wouldn't be loud enough to wake me up.

The Screamer will not stop anyone stealing your bike but it will make the casual thief think twice and go for the easier target instead, so is certainly worth getting.

Attack Activated Alarm Disk Lock


  • 7mm Locking pin
  • Loud 100dB siren
  • Carry pouch
  • 3 High security keys

Price: $44.95

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