Pingel Petcocks 12 January 16

Pingel Enterprise, Inc. designed and produced the very first Power-Flo fuel valve more than 30 years ago. Since then, they have continued to meet their customers ever-growing needs and demands by continually expanding their product line that includes petcocks for most all makes and models of bike. All Pingel's products are manufactured from billet with high quality stainless steel components and are easy to install.

Don't let your stock OEM petcock be your carburetor's main jet. Maximum engine performance depends on the fuel flow out of the valve. Research has proven that, at a flow rate of only 28 ounces per minute, stock petcocks can starve even stock engines. If you modify your engine in any way, more fuel flow is required and must be supplied or you will suffer major tuning problems. Increasing the size of your jets will not make more fuel available to your carburetor at higher RPMs if your fuel valve does not flow enough gas.

Along with the original Hex and Round valve design, a "Designer Line" of Power-Flo valves has been added offering a Hex shape with designs of Diamond, Oval, Wave, Finned and Liberty or Round shape with either: Smooth, Lightning, Flame, Grooved, Wave, Finned and Liberty designs. Power-Flo fuel valves feature highly polished aluminum, matte gray aluminum or chrome-plated brass finishes with inlet thread sizes of 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT, or 22mm (H-D) threads. Standard 5/16" hose barbs in single, dual or triple outlets are offered in race or reserve styles. Other features include high quality o-rings to insure a leakproof seal, a stainless steel fuel filtering screen, and an easy turn lever for the on/off/reserve positions and our latest round knob valve features stainless steel ball detent positioning.

Price: $100 upwards

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