Bully Grip Lock 02 March 16

We all want to make sure our bikes are secure and there are many devices to help with that. Alarms, disc locks, chains are all devices that can be used. The downsides of these are that alarms are expensive and nobody takes any notice of them, disc locks are all too easy to forget and to ride off with disastrous results and chains are heavy to lug around.

This grip lock by Bully is an easy to use security device. It keeps the front brake lever pulled, making it virtually impossible to roll your bike even a few inches. This prevents you from forgetting about the lock and stops thieves from potentially damaging a fender or a caliper. It’s easy to install: just fit it over your grip, compress the brake lever, and lock. You can also place your helmet strap in before clamping down, and it doubles as a helmet lock.

It’s adjustable for multiple grip sizes and lever lengths, check the measurements before buying one for a Harley. The lock itself is hardened steel, and the Nylon casing protects your paintwork.

Available in black and yellow


  • Adjustable for multiple size grips (27-38mm) & brake lever lengths
  • Simple to use & high visibility
  • Unlike disc locks, you can't forget it is in place. NO more damage because of a forgotten disc lock.
  • Made from case hardened steel with reinforced nylon housing for added protection

Price: $69.95

For more info: Click here



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