Powersync SolarWrap 250 21 March 16

While traveling or camping you never know when you might find a power source to charge your devices. You could use your bike's power but you don't want to end up with a flat battery is you are in the same place for a while. This is where a solar charger will come in and Bushnell have a line of them to suit your purposes. The one chosen here is compact and easy to carry at all times in your bags yet will charge your devices when needed.

The Powersync SolarWrap 250 packs plenty of power in a compact, lightweight continuous roll. It all comes in a rugged, integrated case for protection.


  • Durable, flexible solar panels roll up into the integrated and easy to pack protective case
  • High solar collectivity in less than full sun conditions
  • Power gauge provides easy to read battery level indicator
  • On board high-capacity Li Ion battery
  • 1x USB Output for charging your devices
  • 1x Micro USB for charging from a wall outlet

Weight: 9.2oz
Size: 9.125" x 2.4"
Deployed Length:17"
Charge From Wall: 4 Hours
Charge From Solar: 6 Hours
USB Outlets:1
Power Output: 5v, 1a
Battery Type: Li Ion

Price: $157.49

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