LightningFast SAE to USB 31 October 16

Motorcycle companies still haven'y caught on to the fact that many of us use our phones or GPS systems on our bikes and these devices need power. It is up to us to add in a power source and often this means splicing into the bike's wiring loom. I don't like to do this but I do have a SAE cable attached to the battery so I can put my bike on a battery tender for when I don't use it for a while.

This adapter from LightningFast simply plugs into the tender cable and provides 2.1A and 5v of power via a USB port that you can plug your device into. There are other devices similar to this on the market but this one has a switch on it so there is no parasitic draw on your battery when switched off.

It is easily connected and disconnected so you can switch it between bikes and it is water resistant.

Price: $14.97

For more info: Click here



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