PUSH SmartGauge 15 February 17

The PUSH SmartGauge is a high-tech racetrack data logger and training tool for motorcycle trackday enthusiasts and club racers that transmits pro-level telemetry and cutting-edge, 3D lap-visualization data via Bluetooth to an iPhone or iPad.

With this tangible information riders can systematically build the skills and confidence essential to cutting faster lap times.
After extensive research, development and real-world track testing, the SmartGauge is available for immediate shipping and the PUSH app can be downloaded now from Apple’s iTunes store.

Housed in a rugged, aluminum case, the SmartGauge is about the size of a hockey puck and mounts like an action camera. Its integrated motion sensors and super-accurate GPS record the bike’s exact path and speed internally.

Once data is transferred from the SmartGauge, the app seamlessly weaves this info with GoogleEarth-like satellite imagery to create PUSH’s exclusive DroneView™. These clear, accurate, 3D images of the exact lines taken during each lap around a racecourse magically appear to have been filmed by a drone following overhead.

Taking the SmartGauge’s capabilities one step further, PUSH’s software app has built-in, one-touch integration for uploading data to Harry’s LapTimer, a leading track-analysis app that provides much more than lap-timing functions. It also unlocks all SmartGauge data and overlays everything on maps of more than 900 racetracks around the world.

When combined with PUSH’s track-positioning information and speed readings, this expanded sensor data shows precisely when a rider started braking, how much lean angle they induced, when they eased off the brakes, picked up the motorcycle and accelerated toward the next corner. Another feature PUSH provides is a database of reference laps that allows SmartGauge users to compare their performance data to that of leading instructors and racers who’ve ridden the same track configurations.

The New Standard For Track Performance

  • Capture everything at the track
  • Seamlessly visualize on your phone
  • Get faster and beat your friends

Leading Performance Analysis

  • PUSH gives new insight to your laps, lines, and metrics 
  • Analyze your track data in leading apps, like Harry’s Lap Timer

Simplicity In Use

  • A single push button and rotating ring make the SmartGauge incredibly easy to use
  • High precision GPS and motion sensors
  • Simple rotating ring and single button interface
  • Stores data internally, phone not required on track
  • GoPro compatible mounting system
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Data stored in cloud and available on all devices with PUSH App
  • Expandable with accessory port

Price: $399

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