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Why submit your motorcycle or news article to Unique Bike?

Unique Bike is a new way of showcasing your motorcycle and motorcycle related news to a wide range of readers worldwide. We produce not only our website, blog and forum, but a magazine, books and apps, as well as all the social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and not forgetting the ever popular news gathering apps such as Flipboard. All these channels are designed to spread the word about your motorcycle related news to people who are passionate about their motorcycling and are ever hungry for new information. If your article is accepted it will feature on all our media for the widest coverage possible.

Guidelines for the types of motorcycles we want to see.

We embrace many types of custom motorcycle including Cafe Racers, Flat Trackers, Bobbers, Scramblers, Sportbikes, Streetbikes, Vintage and Streetfighters. We are looking to feature all kinds of high-quality bikes that have been lovingly crafted by passionate builders whether they are one-man garagistas or teams of professional builders. We are also interested in your motorcycle related news, if you have new products for motorcyclists we will feature them, if you know of a notable motorcycle person we would be interested to hear about them, if you know of unmissable bike events send them in too, and if you have documented a special ride let us know about that.

How to submit your bike or article.

Please use use the 'Submit' link you will have just clicked to see this message, and on the form complete all the fields including details of your bike or article and upload photos so we can evaluate your article before publication. You can upolad more than one photo by selecting multiple files in the selection box, but the total limit is 300 MB. By submitting your article to us you automatically agree that all the information you send has your permission to be published in our publications, please include any credits that you require. We may need to edit your text to fit our templates but this is done with the utmost care to ensure your words retain your original intent. For any future publications we may need higher resolution photographs so please bear this in mind when taking your photographs, and will we will let you have our production schedule so we have all the details we need in a timely manner. We will also let you have details as to photo sizes that we require, along with photography guidelines so you can supply the best photos possible.

Dos and don'ts

Please do not send any text that contains profanities or it will be automatically rejected so to make sure we get your article submissions please be aware of this. We are aware that there are many blog type sites out there that you want to feature your motorcycles and articles on and we welcome any bikes and news items that you may have submitted to other sites but if possible please send photography that is unique to us or we will be unable to publish your item in future publications.

Most of all we want everyone to enjoy being part of our new motorcycling community.

Good luck with your article submission and we look forward to showing the very best of your Unique Bikes and bike related articles to our growing audience of passionate riders.

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